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TTI Group (Birmingham), the site of Nitrotec Services, provides the specialist surface treatments; Nitrotec, Plasma Nitriding, PVD Coating and Duplex Coating. The site normally operates 24 hours, 5 days a week and has the automotive TS16949:2009 accreditation. 


Nitrotec Services, wholly owned by TTI Group since 1997, was established during 1988. Nitrotec is a worldwide trademarked Surface Engineering Process for the treatment of steels and cast irons. 

Centred in the main production facility in Birmingham, UK, Nitrotec Services can also provide subcontract processing via sister companies and approved licensees across the world. 

The Nitrotec family of treatments are trademarked and licensed to the world's leading automotive manufacturers, hydraulic and actuation system providers, machinery contractors and producers of consumer goods. 

In common with other low temperature surface treatments supplied by TTI Group, Nitrotec does not introduce distortion into the part, this means that components can be used and fitted directly after treatment. Nitrotec Services offer a range of surface treatments, designed to provide exactly the right surface conditions for each application required by customers. 

For a more detailed insight into the world of Nitrotec please visit the Nitrotec website using the link below:

PVD Coating

PVD Coating, or Physical Vapour Deposition is commonly associated with the attractive golden colour of Titanium Nitride. TTI Group can deposit a wide range of hard wear resistance PVD Coatings from its plant in Birmingham. Service is very important and 24 hour treatments can be provided. 
A small van collection / delivery service is available to local companies where possible. 

Duplex Coating 

With both Plasma Nitriding and PVD Coating facilities on the one location in Birmingham, TTI Group can easily provide Duplex Surface Treatments to tooling and components. For more detail on this process please look in our Services Available pages.

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